Project Description

New Zealand

New Zealand has a very unique and dynamic culture. The culture of its indigenous Maori people touches every part of the land.  Travelling through New Zealand you’ll experience spectacularly beautiful landscapes that range from vast mountain chains, steaming volcanoes & sweeping coastlines to deeply indented fiords and lush rainforests. Comparable in size and/or shape to Great Britain, Colorado and Japan, New Zealand has a population of only 4.5 million – making it one of the world’s least crowded and safest countries to travel to. It’s a haven for those seeking peace; rejuvenation and relaxation as well as a playground for thrill seekers and adventurers. A temperate climate with relatively small seasonal variation makes it a year-round holiday destination. New Zealand’s vivid colour contrasts and spectacular surroundings are not the only things that make this wonderfully diverse country so special. The friendly down to earth people, and relaxed yet enthusiastic culture all contribute to its overall uniqueness as a travel destination. New Zealand is made up of two main islands; the North & South Islands. The North Island has a more temperate climate and is gentler in form becoming more subtropical at the top of the Island; the South Island, the larger of the two, has its gentle side too, but the more south you go, the wilder it gets until, to its Alpine heights, it becomes a landscape of lush rainforest and steep mountains and glaciers. No visit to New Zealand would be complete without experiencing the culture, traditions or activities. The influence of Maori, Pacific Island, European and Asian cultures makes New Zealand colourful, unique and vibrant bringing adventure and colour to your adventure in New Zealand.